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Horses can reach the heart of a teenage girl in a way that other interventions cannot. CORRAL is built on the belief that working with a horse will allow a girl to address hurt, trauma and unhealthy patterns in her life as she learns emotional intelligence and develops the leadership skills that are required to work with a horse in a calm, productive, successful manner.

Our horses are all rescues. The beauty behind this is that all of them, just like our girls, have experienced some sort of trauma, which means the relationship between the horse and the girl is a two-way street. They’re able to heal together and learn they can be made whole again.


Alchemy was rescued by the NCSU Vet school when he was on the way to the slaughter house. Alchemy is a very quick learner and because of his small stature and un-intimidating size, Alchemy calmly attracts many of our new and timid riders in a non-threatening way.


Bentley is an 8-year-old Morgan from New Jersey. He was terribly abused and poorly cared for. Now, Bentley is very confident in his herd, but not yet sure he can trust humans. He is a great teacher of how to overcome fear and stay strong when things get tough. Once Bentley knows he can trust someone, he will jump the moon with them!


Bob joined our herd in April of 2013 from Asheville, NC. When he arrived at CORRAL, Bob was lethargic and had an abscess that was taking over his entire foot – his hoof was falling apart. Now, Bob loves hanging out with all of the visitors to the CORRAL farm and making big splashes in our pond when he isn’t working by providing training rides.


A 25-year-old Thoroughbred schoolmaster known for his safe demeanor and perceptive nature towards energy levels, Chester was once terrified of his own shadow from years of racing and eventing. He is now one of the most stable EAP horses and is used for our more timid and insecure girls who need increased confidence building. Chester’s loving face encourages the girls to do great things with an ex-race horse!


CORRAL adopted Giselle via the local chapter of the US Equine Rescue League (USERL). Neglected at her previous home, Giselle was nearly starved when she was rescued. What’s more: when found, she was 10 months pregnant. Miraculously, just before arriving at CORRAL, Giselle gave birth to a healthy filly named Baylee. Giselle is a quick learner and very expressive towards the girls. Giselle loves to “hook on” to the girls, play games and jump.


Our 14-year-old Appendix who was rescued by the USERL from an abusive home in Virginia, Noel spent her rehabilitation going on fun foxhunts in the North Carolina plains before joining us at CORRAL two days before Christmas 2015. Noel is a super confident horse that loves to work with confident girls. She knows what the girls have gone through but doesn’t let them allow their past to determine their future. She will wait patiently for the girls to gain confidence and then show them how much fun a healthy relationship can be!


Our newest addition to the CORRAL herd, River came to us in January 2016 after moving between multiple foster homes. Because people have not been reliable for her in the past, she is quite selective when new people want to work with her. So far, the CORRAL girls have taught River that people can be kind and loving. In return, she has taught the girls that no matter what they have been through they can make a positive difference in others’ lives.


Also a USERL horse, Ruffie is very timid; she is learning to trust people and gaining confidence every day. Ruffie is working with the CORRAL girls on the ground and does an excellent job teaching empathy.


CORRAL received Ruth from USERL too. Ruth was left in a barn with the stall doors nailed shut and abandoned. When found, Ruth had significant abscesses within her feet and was suffering from malnutrition. Since arriving at the CORRAL farm, Ruth has learned and recovered without fear of punishment and she is beginning to express herself and connect with some of the girls.


Born in 2002 into the care of the USERL, Starbuck arrived at CORRAL in October 2012; at the time, he did not understand that people were more than just food dispensers. Through his training at CORRAL, the staff has learned that he is very playful and a quick learner. Starbuck often tests rules and boundaries and many teenagers can see their own behaviors through EAP with Starbuck.

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