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Horses can reach the heart of a teenage girl in a way that other interventions cannot. CORRAL is built on the belief that working with a horse will allow a girl to address hurt, trauma and unhealthy patterns in her life as she learns emotional intelligence and develops the leadership skills that are required to work with a horse in a calm, productive, successful manner.

Our horses are all rescues. The beauty behind this is that all of them, just like our girls, have experienced some sort of trauma, which means the relationship between the horse and the girl is a two-way street. They’re able to heal together and learn they can be made whole again.


Alchemy is a quirky 14 year old Palomino pony with a small stature, but huge personality! He was rescued by the NC State vet school and used as a blood donor test pony. His charming personality gained him many friends at the vet school, and soon he was put into the loving hands of CORRAL to give this little guy a second chance. This quirky, golden pony has captured the heart of many staff members and girls of CORRAL with his compassion for his herd and humans alike.


Bob is a 11 year old, 18 hand gentle giant rescued from a failed carriage-driving endeavor. Rescued from neglect, he has gained confidence and a “voice” while here at CORRAL. His adorable, humble face attracts many girls to him. His calm nature has helped many girls, especially those with anxiety problems who sometimes simply need his presence just to feel centered again.


Panzer has a brand on his hip- so we think he got his start somewhere out west! He came to us as a rescue who had a sweet heart but needed to build his confidence! He is a "pocket pony" and loves to spend time with people. He teaches the girls the importance of boundaries as they progress in relationships.


Giselle, one of the first members of the EAP team, is a sassy but sensible 16 year old Arabian mare. Initially emaciated and pregnant before joining the CORRAL herd; she is a great teacher of self-awareness and has enjoyed attention and playtime with the girls. She is a favorite to take to horse shows because she loves to show off her athleticism!


You might notice that Spot is not quite a horse on the outside but definitely has adopted some horse tendencies on the inside! He fits right into the herd and provides some great comedic relief and emotional support to the girls. He cannot be ridden but has been known to take some horse rides himself.


Maya is an 11 year old Paint mare. She came to us in April from a rescue that had pulled her from the Bastrop kill pen. She had a note attached to her that said she could be ridden walk, trot, and canter, but other than that we do not have any history on her. So far she has shown a willingness to connect and has taught the girls how to communicate assertively and softly!


Noel is a 16 year old Appendix who was rescued by the USERL out of an abusive home in Virginia. She got to enjoy her rehabilitation by going on fun foxhunts in the plains of North Carolina before joining us at CORRAL two days before Christmas in 2015. Noel is a super confident horse that loves to work with confident girls. She knows what the girls have gone through but doesn’t let them allow their past to determine their future. She will patiently wait for the girls to gain confidence and then show them how much fun a healthy relationship can be!


River is a 13 year old Thoroughbred who used to be a racehorse. She came to us in January of 2016 after moving from foster home to foster home. People have not been reliable for her in the past which means she is quite selective when new people want to work with her. So far, the CORRAL girls have taught River that people can be kind and loving. In return, she has taught the girls that no matter what they have been through they can make a positive difference in other’s lives.


Ruffie is a 21 year old chestnut Paso Fino mare. She began her debut at CORRAL as a USERL abuse case that never wanted to be caught in the pasture. She is the most shy and timid horse at CORRAL making her relatable to the incoming girls overcoming trauma from their past. She is known as the “mind reader” of the group, knowing when a girl is in need of help and empathy. She will happily stand and get her luscious mane braided by girls who have gained her trust.


Ruth is a 23-year-old Quarter Horse that was an abandoned mare rescued by the USERL. Her sweet face and eyes filled with wisdom draw in many girls who have suffered abandonment or neglect. She is known as a confidence builder for the girls. She encourages girls to work on confidence, honesty, and leadership in order to gain her heart. Once you gain her trust and respect, she is an amazing mare to partner with.


Starbuck is an 16 year old bay Mustang that was born into the USERL. He relates well with girls who have been adopted or orphaned in their past. Starbuck wants to know that you are dependable and will commit to the relationship you form with him in order to gain his trust and companionship. Once you do that, you have gained a friend for life!


Mo is a long retired racehorse who was never "let down" properly. He came to us as a rescue who needed some time and TLC to warm up to people. Now he works beautifully with the girls to teach them how to be present and in the moment.

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