Our Why

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CORRAL aims to solve

Our Why

On the surface, the problem CORRAL aims to solve seems simple: our girls have risk factors that lead them to engage in risky behaviors. These risky behaviors lead to detrimental outcomes. The CORRAL program could just focus on providing a heavy dose of protective factors to halt risky behaviors, but this strategy ignores the underlying issues. CORRAL understands that layers of trauma stemming from cycles of intergenerational trauma result in negative individual and community outcomes. We seek to address more systemic healing, rather than just treating the symptoms of this trauma.

The Reasons Behind Their Circumstances
Systemic Racism
Food Insecurity
Lack of Resources
change a life

Will You Join Us?

CORRAL reverses this cycle by providing an opportunity to heal from intergenerational trauma and systemic marginalization, and to restore the broken attachment; thus providing (instead of negative outcomes) access and opportunity to develop into the young person God designed each her to be.

Our vision

Ending the cycle to intergenerational trauma and systemic marginalization in our community. We believe that anyone who has been broken can be made whole again and that horses can reach the heart of an at-risk girl in a way that others in their lives often cannot.

Our mission

We’re a faith-motivated nonprofit that equips adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and education to prepare each girl and her community with skills, resources, and opportunities so that she can gain access to a bright future.

core vlues
our values
Faith & Choice

Our organization's motivation is rooted in faith, yet we promote independent choice.

Relationships-First & Community

All work is done though a team approach because relationships and trust are critical in life.

High Expectations & Accountability

Our rigorous intervention creates safety and is an important prerequisite for a change.

Safety & Risk-taking

We are dedicated to physical, emotional and spiritual safety while encouraging risk-taking that casts off fear'

Innovation & Grit

Creativity, hard work and problem solving are necessary components for adaptation in our ever-changing world.

Grace & Learning

Always extend grace and learn from your mistakes.

our strategy

Helping kids

CORRAL believes that helping kids requires a holistic intervention. We must address the whole child: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental while providing the skills needed to reach their goals and dreams. We also believe that working with a horse will allow girls to address hurt, trauma and unhealthy patterns in a unique way – horses help girls learn emotional intelligence and develop the leadership skills that are required of an equestrian. CORRAL also believes that the support of a network of caring and consistent adults combined with rigorous accountability will lead the young women at CORRAL out of their current situations and into a healthier, happier permanent chapter in their lives. Our work is based on Milliken’s Framework, Watt’s Research, and Bucknell’s Communication Resilience Framework and validated by Dr. Elizabeth Craig’s research.

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Risk Factors of a CORRAL Girl