Building a Truly Diverse Organization

Ericka James

CORRAL has always had the heart to serve the marginalized population. As stated recently by our Board of Directors’ statement, we are to seek justice, defend the oppressed, and take up the cause of the fatherless.

We believe that Jesus can redeem anything and that He has called us to be His hands and feet. This means that He intends for us to participate in His redemption of our broken world by caring for the most vulnerable in our community by “seek(ing) justice, defend(ing) the oppressed, take(ing) up the cause of the fatherless.” (Isaiah 1:17)

Our goal is to not only serve girls of color. We also strive to be an organization that embraces diversity; that deliberately and intentionally champions this effort. In the fall of 2019, we enrolled in the Kingdom Diversity Training led by Ericka James, CEO, Trainer, and Prophetic Strategist. The mission of the program is to build truly diverse and inclusive organizations.

Research shows that

  • 80 percent of nonprofit staff leverage personal and professional networks. Both of which are consistently ranked as the most popular and effective recruitment channels.
  • Yet, 75 percent of white Americans have social networks lacking minority presence.

There are numerous reasons to have a diverse organization, one being it lends to a better business model.

According to Harvard Business Review, companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19 percent higher innovation revenues. At CORRAL, we see the gaps in diversity among our wider community, we’re taking action and we’re making progress. Our staff placed our organization at Stage 3 where diversity is tolerated but lacks full implementation of the Better Together Model. However, they placed our culture at Stage 5 of Intention where diversity is accepted and celebrated. Hence, we’ve summoned a task force that meets regularly to help us in our journey toward becoming truly diverse and inclusive.

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