Tackling the Hardest Time of the Year Head On

We prefer to share the success stories. However, the work we do at CORRAL isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Winter, a time of year that can be hard for many of us due to added financial expenses, dealing with seasonal depression, and colder temperatures, is in full swing. These challenges have been compounded recently by tragic events at what SHOULD be another safe space for our girls: school.

Recently, two of our students came face to face with unimaginable violence. The stabbing at Southeast Raleigh High has understandably left our students shaken, scared, and feeling even more anxiety than normal. Read more in Joy Currey’s recent blog post. CORRAL’s Program Director has a simple request: 

“Please keep all of the kids in your thoughts and prayers. School isn't their safe space anymore, and I'm glad they have CORRAL to help process these things.”

Sometimes it rains and CORRAL is a big umbrella providing shelter from the storm

While we can’t control the outside world, here at CORRAL we can create a safe space where our young girls can go without fear of violence. 

This is why we remain vigilantly ALL IN, working tirelessly to provide the support our girls need to thrive, mentally and physically, despite the hardships they face in their day-to-day lives, and all year long. And we thank YOU for standing with us to provide the resources and refuge our students so desperately need.

ALL IN — 24/7 — 365

The effort, time, and passion we pour into every participant is truly a full-time responsibility for every staff member at CORRAL. Every day our team meets to discuss each participant, set educational and mental health goals for that day, review their horse-time plan, and more.  Every day someone from our team checks in with them whether they’re in the program or off-site to ensure they feel seen, supported, and valued.

Last March, the Programming team completed an interview for Sandra who had previously failed all of her core classes because of struggles with comprehension and language barriers. Fast forward to Fall semester: the same student who previously failed all her core classes has a 93%(A) in English and 86%(B) in math! Her teachers have applauded her class participation, and we’ve seen tremendous growth in all areas – academic, mental health, and Equine.

Help us ensure more success stories like these.

In our efforts to secure the funding to continue our ongoing, this holiday season, all recurring donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your annual gift of $134 makes a big impact for girls like Sandra by providing specialized tutoring by education professionals. 

We’ve also discovered a fabulous and easy new fundraising feature. You easily can ask friends and family to join you in going ALL IN to support CORRAL by creating your own fundraiser. Click here to learn more.

As always, we thank you for being ALL IN with us,
CORRAL: Two Farms, One Mission

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