Our 20-21 Annual Report Part I: Program Outcomes

At CORRAL, we’re all driven by the same passion: to brighten our girls’ futures. This past academic year could have wrecked our girls’ lives. Instead, thanks to the cumulative effort of this community, we were able to expand into a full-time Day School program for the year. In this environment, we saved many girls from failing out of school or engaging in risky and life-threatening situations. In fact, many of them thrived.

corral uniqueAs you will see in our Annual Report, we were blessed enough to serve 79 girls this past academic year!

Here’s a sneak peek of our program outcomes:

  • Girls who have been in our program for 2+ years earned an average 3.6 final GPA
  • 71% of our girls finished the year with C’s or better
  • An 81% reduction in the # of girls engaging in risky behaviors who had been in our program for more than 3 years, compared to girls who have been in our program for less than a year

Without this community’s support, this year could have looked a lot different for both our organization and our girls.

We invite you to contribute to our 21-22 program and guarantee that in return, we commit to serving our youth with everything that we have to give.

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