CORRAL Girls Win The Race

CORRAL Derby Dinner 2017

20 Worth 120
Thank you! What a race we ran at our seventh annual Derby Dinner! We set out to raise $120,000 to ensure 20 girls would enter our Riding Academy in 2017–18. Let’s talk about the results.

Expectations Exceeded
With the support of the 350 people who registered to attend the Derby Dinner and our local organizations and community members who sponsored every table, we raised $212,000. You contributed $91,000 the evening of the Derby Dinner and another $21,000 the week following. The $100,000 match from one magnanimous anonymous donor pushed our 20 girls across the finish line!

Twenty girls will enter our program in 2017–18; 20 more lives will be whole again. You’ve heard us say it and we know it to be true: every life, no matter how damaged, can become whole again.

Splendid Spectators
What a wonderful crowd we had cheering on our girls and our organization! Thank you to all who joined us, supported us, donated to us, sponsored us, volunteered with us and prayed for us. Thank you to all who believe in us and our girls, and in the great things we are accomplishing together.

Miracles Multiplied
With our community’s support, we’ve touched so many more than 20 girls. Since 2008 we’ve transformed the lives of more than 100 young women. Every single one — 100% — has shown improved social and emotional skills after one year in our program. Not one girl has had a court complaint while participating in our program. We’ve provided 50,000 hours of tutoring, therapy and vocational training. And every girl who has completed high school while attending our program has gone on to college. This year, both of our high school graduates will go off to college in August.

Going to Grow
CORRAL will continue to grow. Over the next five years we want to positively impact the lives of 500 girls. And we want you there with us on this journey. We look forward to continuing to change girls’ live forever … with you.

Want to be more involved in our work? There are so many was to make a difference for a lifetime. Have a look, and if you want to know more, connect with us — social, email, phone or other.

Thanks everyone!

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