You Spoke, We Listened, We Are Acting

Thank you again for helping CORRAL thrive! We asked a consultant back in June to reach out to all our important stakeholders and asked what CORRAL needs to focus on to grow and serve the community better, and you responded in droves.

We have since shared with you the results of what we have learned. Now that we have processed the honest feedback — here is what we are going to do about it:


Based off what we have learned, CORRAL plans to work on these 7 areas within the next 12 months to position ourselves for future growth:

1. Improve: Improve the referral and recruitment process to identify the highest risk girls and lowest resourced. We want to ensure that we are able to identify the girls who can benefit the most through CORRAL. It is important for us to define a marketing and communication plan to connect with referral sources who serve the highest risk participants.

2. Cultivate: Cultivate and retain our staff. We love our people! Because we love our people, CORRAL will measure and respond to employee satisfaction through our yearlong action plan. CORRAL will perform a market analysis of compensation levels for like roles in non-profit organizations in Wake County and adjust staff compensation to competitively attract and retain the best experience & talent.

3. Enable: Enable succession planning and expansion of CORRAL to other locations by defining policies and procedures. We are all about growth and opportunity! Board Governance committee will draft succession plan key positions and write the standard operating procedures for these positions. CORRAL will develop a defined on-boarding process for staff and board members that is built upon core values and SOPs.

4. Manage: Manage CORRAL better through improving management and operations systems. CORRAL staff will adopt the Entrepreneurial Operating System for management. We desire to build a better business system that is not a startup mode. CORRAL will put systems in place to make sure we’re managing well.

5. Hone: Hone the program so that 90% of seniors (all-time) will matriculate into college or trade school. Our girls are awesome and they are our inspiration. CORRAL desires to continue improving communication with parents to increase parent buy-in as evidenced by participant completion. 75% of participants will not be involved in risky behaviors after 1 year, 80% after 2 years and 100% after 3 years!

6. Champion: We met a lot of new folks who love and support our girls last year!  We hope to retain these volunteers and donors for the long-term sustainability of CORRAL. Our volunteers are the gears that keep CORRAL moving and advancing!

7. Steward: Stewardship of new land, including the facility and land management is a new priority. Now that we own the farm (yay!) CORRAL wants to steward this land more than ever. CORRAL will determine a plan to use the facilities in line with one, three and ten year goals.


This year is all about building our internal capacity so we position ourselves for growth so that in ten years we can quadruple the amount of youth we are serving each year — from 20 to 80 children.  We anticipate that by year 4 we will be able to double our Riding Academy participants!

How you Can Help

There are 3 ways you can help CORRAL reach our 12-month goals:

1. Attend: the Annual CORRAL Classic. See the girls show off their stuff with the horses and enjoy a Fall Open House at the farm. Register here.

2. Invite: a friend to Breakfast on the Farm. Show them what CORRAL is all about while enjoying the crisp fall air and a cup of coffee.

3. Host: your own Party with a Purpose. Get some inspiration from what others have done to help.

Critical Juncture

It is important to: look back on the successes of CORRAL, to look at where we are now and look at where we are going. We are at a critical juncture for expansion, and we need you more now than ever!

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