What does it mean to be ALL IN?​​​​

What does it mean to be ALL IN?​​​​

For us, our volunteers, and our generous supporters like you, it’s remaining committed to the mission. For our girls, it’s not only accepting the therapy, support, and mentorship but also stepping up to the opportunity CORRAL provides to overcome unthinkable struggles. 

One of the more common challenges our girls face is trouble at school. And Raquel is a perfect example of the resilience and follow-through we see in our girls every day. When she first entered CORRAL, her GPA was a concerning 0.64. Just three short months later, she’s averaging 3.33. 

What does it take to be ALL IN?

High expectations for starters. Paired with support from a loving community that feels stable, safe, and permanent. And this included Raquel’s mom being involved in her daughters’ performance at school and at home.

From CORRAL, Raquel receives rigorous tutoring, daily communication, and the support and follow-through she needs to get her assignments submitted on time. This new structure has trickled down to her younger sister who isn’t even in the program. Yet with the daily changes and conversations taking place at home, along with hands-on involvement from their mother and our team, both sisters are experiencing positive transformation thanks to a new set of standards and structure in their lives.  

“Now, for the first time, she talks about wanting to go to college. Her growth has also had a butterfly effect—my youngest daughter’s grades have also risen due to the new precedent set in our household. As a single parent, I’m so grateful to the whole team of professionals by my side to help me navigate my daughter’s mental health and academic challenges. I highly recommend CORRAL to anyone looking to make a positive change in any struggling teen girl’s life.”
– Sarah, Raquel’s mom

Will you go ALL IN WITH US? 

Overcoming years of trauma and hardship is never a quick or easy fix. It takes everyone being committed to our girls. And the foundation of that is our community of generous donors.

This holiday season, all recurring donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your monthly donation of $25 helps girls like Raquel feed a horse companion for a month, or even a one-time gift of $134 makes a big impact by providing specialized tutoring by experts like the education professionals at CORRAL. 


As always, we thank you for being ALL IN with us,
— The Team at CORRAL —

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