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Derived from a combination of Natural Lifemanship and Vaquero/Branaman style horsemanship, CORRAL’s unique style of equine therapy fosters transformational change by helping our girls gradually build trust with their horse partners. 

Based on centuries-old traditions rooted in the indigenous cultures of the Americas, the “Vaquero Way” is a slower, more intentional method of horse training. Due to equipment limitations imposed by the Spanish, the indigenous riders of Mexico developed a bareback style that required intuition, subtle communication, and a deep connection with their horse.

The Vaquero method informs the work of our equine-assisted psychotherapy by helping our students understand intentional communication over force and the importance of healthy relationship building. 

“CORRAL is a place where you can work on relationships with yourself and others. Working with horses has shown me that relationships can be hard but you can get through it.”  -Ashleigh, CORRAL Alumnus

Many students who have come through our program have experienced the power of healing through the Vaquero method. One student in particular returned to us as a staff member. That alumna Erendira Ramirez is now the Equine Manager of our Neuse River farm and our Spanish-speaking Liason. In her most recent blog, she shares about her journey with CORRAL and the importance of language equity for our Hispanic students. 

Read her story here and find out below how you can support our program this year!

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CORRAL is a faith-motivated nonprofit that equips adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and education.

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