Prayers and Strength for South East Raleigh HS: Standing with CORRAL Girls and Their Families

During the Thanksgiving break, my family and I embarked on a poignant educational journey, visiting both the Holocaust Museum in DC and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York as part of our World War II study in our homeschooling curriculum. Stepping into the solemn halls of the Holocaust museum, an overwhelming sense of grief enveloped us, causing my hair to stand on end. For an entire hour after the tour, we were rendered speechless, deeply impacted by the harrowing stories of the 6 million lives lost. The gravity of human cruelty weighed heavily on us.

The following day, at the New York museum, we encountered a strikingly different narrative. A special exhibit recounted how Denmark, against all odds, quietly orchestrated the salvation of Jewish lives, one family at a time, under the cover of night. A coordinated effort involving boats, churches, teenagers, and an entire community ensured the safety of their Jewish neighbors. Despite Denmark’s inability to halt the Nazi regime, the collective power of the people prevailed, with over 95% of the Jewish population in Denmark surviving the war.

This story resonates profoundly as I reflect on a message from our Program Director at our Raleigh Farm, “A parent just let me know that one of our students said that amid all the chaos at Southeast Raleigh, she was pushed into the gym and witnessed the stabbing that left one dead and one injured. She also said that she was friends with the student who was killed…..Another one of our students texted me that this incident added to her fear of going to school because she’s always being targeted by girls who threaten her on social media….Please keep all of the kids in your thoughts and prayers. School isn’t their safe space anymore, and I’m glad they have CORRAL to help process these things.”

As news of the tragedy at SE Raleigh High School reaches me and I grapple with the violence impacting our youth, particularly those at CORRAL, a sense of helplessness overwhelms me. The struggle between anger and apathy is real. Yet, when I revisit the Program Director’s message, I am reminded of the community in Denmark that, unable to stop the evil they faced, focused on helping friends and neighbors escape it. And this is CORRAL.

We may not be able to shield our youth from the harsh realities they encounter, but we at CORRAL can be the sanctuary where they come to process, heal, and envision a healthier future. A place where their trauma does not define their destiny. I am grateful for the community of supporters, akin to the compassionate Danish people, who care for each individual in our CORRAL community.

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