Mt. Zion Church Visits: Spreading Love and Inspiration at CORRAL

CORRAL Riding Academy recently experienced a heartwarming visit from Mt. Zion Church. This wasn’t their first visit, and certainly not their last, as the bond between the church and CORRAL has only grown stronger with each interaction.

During this weekend visit, the church members engaged with the girls and staff and discussed the theme of love, particularly emphasizing God’s boundless love for us. About 20 individuals shared their insights and participated in creating vision boards centered around the theme of love. 

The girls used pictures, phrases, and words from magazines to express what love looks like for them and the things they love.

Despite the overcast weather looming over them, the atmosphere was anything but dull. Mt. Zion’s genuine interactions and heartfelt conversations uplifted spirits and made everyone feel a sense of belonging. As the visit drew to a close, a remarkable moment unfolded when the sun broke through the clouds, illuminating everyone present. One of the church members announced that it was as if God himself was shining His love down upon us at that—a reminder to everyone that they are loved every single second.

The relationship between Mt. Zion Church and CORRAL continues to leave a lasting impact on all involved. Through their shared values of love, compassion, and faith, they not only brighten each other’s days but also inspire those around them to embrace love and unity. 

This visit from Mt. Zion Church was more than just a social event; it was a testament to the power of love and community. 

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