Gardening for Good

Ken Trnka

Ken has been a CORRAL champion for approximately five years and currently serves on the gardening committee.

“I was retiring and looking for an organization to get involved with. After reading about CORRAL in the News and Observer, my wife and I went to a Breakfast at the Farm. After the tour and talk by Joy, I realized this was my calling. Hearing the plight of the girls and horses brought back memories of my childhood. I had lost most of my immediate family members in my early teens, and I remembered how my Mom and I struggled to survive,” says Ken.

Ken kept busy this spring by planting tomatoes for the girls as a way to keep CORRAL close to their hearts throughout the stay-at-home order.

Ken adds, “Because of the virus, I knew the CORRAL staff was doing everything they could to keep the girls engaged in the positives that CORRAL brings to their lives. I had worked with the girls in planting and maintaining the vegetable beds. My thinking was that if we could get plants to the girls from the farm it could add another dimension to the love, caring, and support of CORRAL.”

Understandably, building trust is something our girls have to relearn when they come to CORRAL as well as setting healthy boundaries.

“I was planting with the girls and noticed one young lady watching and not participating. We made eye contact and I asked if she would help me plant it. She shyly came over and we planted together. I learned how important trust is for these girls that day,” comments Ken.

We have several wonderful volunteer committees to join in any capacity. Invite your friends to join our herd. Our next farm day is June 20th and will be virtual; farm days are a great way to tour our farm, learn about our mission and find out how you can get involved! Learn more here.

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