The Education Pillar of Our Holistic Approach to Healing

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In our work with our CORRAL girls, we focus on transformational life change. This requires a holistic intervention: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.

We also focus on academic intervention, as education is key to helping our girls lead healthier, happier lives and achieve their goals and dreams. Here’s why. The research is clear that there’s a link between education and a host of benefits: job opportunities, wages, civic engagement and healthcare to start.

Education Makes Us Better
One of our goals is to change the lives of our girls and prepare them for success. We know education contributes to happier, longer lives, and that’s why academic tutoring is an important part of our five-pillar approach.

We stumbled across this great series entitled “Why Is Education Important” for which Southern New Hampshire State University interviewed employees who weigh in on the question. They say a lot of what we believe related to education.

One interview in particular stands out. Tim Lehmann sums up quite nicely why we at CORRAL include tutoring and academic support in our program. He says that “…education is the gateway to “better.” We are a better society when people are educated, we are better individuals when people are educated and we make better decisions when we are educated. Education has become one of the clearest indicators of life outcomes such as employment, income and social status, and it is a strong predictor of well-being.”

We want “better” for our girls in all aspects of their lives. We want them to grow into to happy, successful, thoughtful women. And academic intervention helps with that.

Our Impact
Our work with and our community’s investment in our girls is paying off. Take a look at our annual reports to see how our program is working. We can’t talk enough about our girls’ accomplishments, transformation and growth over the years.

We’re seeing improvements in GPAs. We’re seeing our girls enroll in honors and AP classes. We’re seeing them avoid risky behaviors. We’re seeing them graduate from high school and enter college!

Come Visit
If you’d like to know more about our work or organization, come to our Farm Day February 25, 2017 from 9:30–11:30 a.m. It’s a great opportunity to get your hands dirty, see what we’re doing and find out if CORRAL is where you want to make a contribution. Families are welcome.

Be certain to sign up in advance so we know to expect you!

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