A Note from our Founder: Passing the Reins

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A Note from Our Founder: Passing the Reins

Fifteen years ago, Rob and I founded CORRAL with a hope and a prayer that we could build a place where young women facing adversity could thrive.  

CORRAL has grown into a dynamic non-profit organization that has propelled 500 young women toward promising futures while also demonstrating our commitment to fostering remarkable women leaders. The dedication of our leaders is unparalleled. I’ve never seen a team so laser focused on the success of our girls, centering them in every decision they make.  

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that I share that Lauren Clements, who currently serves as our Vice President of Programs,  has been voted in as CORRAL’s next Executive Director. She will assume the role following CORRAL’s annual Gala in April, at which point I will transition into a founder‘s role on the board.

Lauren has played a pivotal role in shaping CORRAL’s trajectory from its inception. Starting as a volunteer, she ascended to the most senior position within the organization, contributing a unique blend of experience and leadership. Lauren’s steady presence and thoughtful guidance will be instrumental in providing CORRAL the stability it requires to reach our 2030 vision. Lauren has co-authored nearly every policy and procedure. She has been at the leadership table for many years and provided her guidance in strategy, vision, and problem solving. Not only does she know the organization inside and out, but she has a gift for building the program and the community that surrounds the girls in such a way that both the girls and the adults in that community thrive. She knows the model, believes in the model, can teach others the model, and through her founding of the Raleigh campus has proven that she can replicate the model. 

This is truly momentous for CORRAL and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the words to express how grateful I am for Joy to not only create CORRAL, but get it to a place where it is more than one person’s vision. There are so many people who have joined CORRAL and I’m honored to be charged with leading CORRAL’s continued growth! 

CORRAL is healthier than it’s ever been. A key aspect of any organization’s growth lies in surpassing the influence of its founder. CORRAL, as a community-driven nonprofit, transcends the vision of a single founder to embody the collective hope of its community. The culmination of our efforts has prepared us for the next phase of CORRAL’s sustainability – a crucial step in the evolution of any nonprofit organization.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission. The future of CORRAL is bright. With a united team committed to the continued success and empowerment of the young women we serve and a committed community invested in the mission, CORRAL will thrive in this next phase.


deep gratitude,

Joy Currey, Founder

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