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We started CORRAL because we wanted to change girls’ lives. We identified a holistic approach that would help us reach at-risk girls and transform their lives. While our equine assisted therapy is a big part of what we do, the education piece is equally important. We provide academic tutoring, vocational training, mentoring and Educational Assistance Program support.

We want to see our girls succeed in life and this includes getting them through high school. Our efforts are paying off. Last year alone, 80 percent of our girls completed the program successfully, that same percentage of girls were passing their classes with Cs or better after one year with CORRAL. And 85 percent of the junior and seniors who were in the program were taking honors and AP courses. Our girls are turning their lives around, graduating from high school, winning scholarships and going off to college.

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Equality in Education: Global Priority

Turns out while we were working to make a difference locally, our work reflects a larger global movement. Somewhere between the time we started CORRAL and today, the United Nations highlighted the importance of providing women and girls equal access to a host of opportunities. Particular attention was given to educational opportunities for girls worldwide. After all, as we at CORRAL know, education is necessary for improving and transforming lives.

Every Girl Deserves An Education
More recently, our President Obama and his wife started Let Girls Learn to provide adolescent girls worldwide access to education so they can reach their full potential. In announcing this initiative the Obamas talked about the transformative power of education. And they shared how “a good education can lift you from the most humble circumstances into a life you never could have imagined”. They said what we’ve been saying at CORRAL: Every girl is precious and deserves an education.

We’re Making a Difference
While it’s exciting to see big names and powerful organizations getting behind girls and education, we’ve known since our founding that our girls are awesome and education is important.

If you know a girl who’d benefit from our program, refer her. Or drop by the Farm and see what we’re accomplishing. We have monthly opportunities — Farm Day, Breakfast on the Farm — where you learn about how to support our local efforts that reflect a global movement.

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CORRAL is a faith-motivated nonprofit that equips adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and education.

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