10 Acts of Kindness


Even in the midst of a pandemic, we are seeing a boost in humanity. Have you noticed community members and neighbors leaning on each other more, perhaps like the old days when we lived in villages?

We’ve seen our supporters respond to the very real crisis of food insecurity that our families are currently experiencing. In just three weeks, our champions have donated over $1,000 in grocery and gas gift cards. A volunteer even stepped up to help deliver groceries to and fix the car of one of our families.

Here are 10 acts of kindness that can go a long way before we begin to return to ‘normal’ in May:

  1. Help deliver prescriptions or groceries to the elderly folk in your neighborhood or provide them with this list of curb-side options.
  2. Face-time a friend or family member with children to ask them how they’re coping. Send them this list of resources to keep their children busy.
  3. If you’re a professional or amateur photographer, offer to take family portraits in your neighborhood, asking for a donation to a local charity.
  4. Order pizza delivery for essential workers.
  5. Use your skill-set to help friends, families or strangers in need.
  6. Have your children write a note of encouragement and thanks to the staff at the nearest hospital.
  7. Take a garbage bag with you on your next walk, picking up any trash.
  8. Support local businesses with a gift card purchase to help them through this period. Here’s a list of businesses that have supported CORRAL in the past.
  9. Avoid stockpiling, avoid purchasing items labeled WIC, consider donating food to a local food bank, and plant vegetable seedlings to food insecure families with instructions for care and harvest.
  10. Be kind to yourself, practice gratitude, indulge in self-care, journal, meditate and move mindfully, mixing in relaxing workouts like Tai-Chi or Yoga with aerobic or strength workouts to promote relaxation.

The high-risk situations our girls were facing before COVID-19 are now magnified, but we are doing everything we can to keep the relationships strong with our girls and their families by providing them with resources, support, structure, tutoring, counseling, vocational training and psychotherapy. Two of our seniors have received college acceptance letters, so we know our work is creating lasting impact. Support our essential work here by becoming a monthly supporter or by donating a single gift.

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