10 years. One leap. Lifelong impact.

267 Lives transformed to date. It’s a good start. But...

live below the poverty line
suspended from school
on our waiting list Today
Living in Homelessness
receiving free or reduced lunch

“Our goal is to one day end the cycle of trauma in our community, ultimately removing the need for CORRAL.”

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And the new site location is East Raleigh!

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Leading The Charge

Meet CORRAL Fellow: Lauren Clements

Lauren Clements, our current Director of Programming Operations has been involved with CORRAL since 2009, but that’s not the only reason she’s the ideal person to take this leap. Our girls gravitate towards Lauren’s quiet strength. They push themselves to do their best work under her leadership, and as Joy says: “The way she works with the girls is beautiful”.  

Joy will be spending the next year preparing her for this momentous task: taking our program and reproducing it in a new location!

Why Now? Program Manager, Camille Brown, explains why CORRAL must expand:

“It’s essential that CORRAL expands because we have the know [expertise and knowledge] to help girls break their cycle. To not use that knowledge to help as many girls as we can isn’t okay. We have been sitting with kids in interviews for the program who are telling us about their experiences with sexual assault, who have been raising their siblings because their single mom is working, who live in hotels, who feel the need to drop-out of school and work at Wendy’s because they can’t imagine doing anything different and they need to help with the bills at home. And these same kids are telling us that for the first time ever they walked away from a fight (probably avoiding 10+ days of suspension) because of what they learned at CORRAL. But we’re getting to the point where we’ll be turning these kids away.”

Camille Brown, Program Manager

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Take the Leap, because this leap is just the beginning!

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