Joe Joyner, from Leaf and Limb, talks about his service to CORRAL.

What others are doing to support CORRAL

Heather Party

Heather Petrovich

Heather Petrovich has an annual house party where she invites her circle for drinks and appetizers to learn about CORRAL.
Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest, the Lt. Governor of the State of North Carolina, organized Cocktails and Conversations on the porch of the Lt. Governor’s Mansion.
100 Women Who Give a Hoot

100 Women

100 Women Who Give a Hoot sponsored CORRAL for one of their quarterly meetings! CORRAL was the beneficiary of the raised funds and was able to share the cause with all of the members.


Kyla, an awesome 7 year-old, holds a lemonade stand in her neighborhood every few weeks. Her strategically placed stand gets a lot of business! She donates all of her profits to CORRAL.
J-Vegas Small Group Corral guests eating


The “J-Vegas” small group from Hope Community Church had a dinner party to learn about CORRAL. Each guest donated money to participate in the fancy dinner and each family was in charge of a portion of the meal. It was a great way to create a space to learn about the mission of CORRAL as well as to provide fellowship to the guests.

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