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Nora came to CORRAL in sixth grade and says that the program changed her life.

When she joined, she was dealing with the loss of her mom, adjusting to life with a new family, and trying to manage school.

“In fifth grade my brother and I moved in with a new family who offered to take care of us while our mom worked through health issues. One day we came home after school and our whole family was sitting in the living room. They told me and my brother that our mom had taken her own life.”

With maturity and strength that’s rare for her age, she can now reflect on that time and see the blessings that came out of it.

“Losing her was a hard experience, but there are things that opened up that I am thankful for. I’ve gotten to have an amazing family- a mom, and a dad, and an extra little brother, and it’s been one blessing after another.”

She said CORRAL is one of those blessings.

“CORRAL became my second home. They helped me control my emotions. They’re pushing us to make good choices and to graduate. When you walk in the door you see all these bright smiles and everyone welcomes you and you know they are here to help you with anything you need. It’s work but it’s so much fun.”

Nora comes to CORRAL twice a week and has become a leader to new girls in the program. She said the way the horses can mimic you, and be like your twin, can help you realize what you’re feeling, and spending time with the other girls can do the same.

“My favorite part is making best friends that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life, working with the horses, and getting to know the people here. We’ve all been there through thick and thin together.”

Nora has two years left in the program and already knows she wants to come back as a volunteer after she graduates. She hopes to study law and justice in college.

“I really want to share my story and my testimony and help people out that need help. It’s empowering for me to say where I’ve been and where I am now and I want to show people that there is a better way and always another option. I want to brighten someone’s day and let them have a shoulder to cry on and be able to help them like Ms. Joy helps us. God always has a plan and His plan was to bring us together and it’s been amazing having people behind me every step of the way.”

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