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On the evening of Thursday, December 10th, we held a virtual fundraiser to give our girls a space to share their stories and raise funds to support a second semester of increased services for our girls. Initially, it was nerve-wracking for them to publicly share pieces straight from their hearts, as it required a level of vulnerability. Yet, the change in their confidence at the beginning of the event, compared to the end, was visible. Thank you to everyone who supported our girls that night! We still have $26,786 to raise to meet our goal for a second semester of critical services for our girls. Help us close the gap below.



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Why We Need Your Support


When the pandemic hit, our girls lost their social services, and CORRAL quickly became a crisis-relief organization, stepping in as other institutions stepped out. And, now, ten months later, we’ve quadrupled our services to ensure that these girls don’t slip through the cracks. We’ve set up a school setting where they can actually thrive and where their stories won’t be written as another population of girls who fell deep into the achievement gap widened by systemic injustices and worsened by this pandemic.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and its financial challenges have lasted much longer than we all expected they would. So, we’re reaching out for your hand in helping us meet our budgeted goal of $319,771, which would enable us to provide a second semester of critical services to these vulnerable girls. Will you consider making a special gift this holiday season to support our work? Your gift directly provides mental health services, academic support and pivotal opportunities to 70 girls in our community who desperately need our help in this chapter of their lives.

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Why A Night of Poetry and Short Stories?


At CORRAL, we are always looking for avenues to bring more opportunities and access to our girls. "Youth have incredible voices that our community needs to hear and learn from. The Literacy and Community Initiative's mission is to amplify students' voices through student publications, advocacy, and leadership so that our youth, who are often invisible from society, can be seen, heard, and known as authors and as leaders," says Assistant Professor, CORRAL Board Member and Founding Director of the LCI.

Lee adds, "At the same time, writing empowers students who have been marginalized due to systemic racial, ethnic, and social inequities, and such writing practices can lead to socio-emotional growth. Research has shown that writing in community spaces allows students to navigate their way out of stereotypes and present themselves as individuals beyond external labels. We must remember that our most vulnerable youth have the capacity to write, engage, and lead us. What can we learn from what our youth are saying?"


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