Give moments that change lives

Healing at CORRAL does not happen in one moment of epiphany. Our girls' amazing outcomes are earned through hard work, both theirs and ours. The changes they experience come from a series of moments that build together over time to become new, healthier patterns. One such moment is beautifully described in this year’s annual letter from Executive Director Joy Currey to the CORRAL community. Joy makes it clear how gifts to CORRAL create the moments that change lives.

We also want new donors to know they have double the impact: all new gifts are matched through December 31st! Read on to learn how your gift changes lives.

Deeper Impact

CORRAL donors and volunteers are part of a vibrant community that does not stand idle when kids are hurting. But the healing we provide doesn't come easily — for us or for the girls! Rather than one moment of epiphany, each remarkable CORRAL outcome is built on a series of moments. As we challenge, support and encourage them old unhealthy patterns become new ways of relating to the world — and the people in it. With guidance, our girls take moments of resistance from an uncooperative horse and turn them into reflections on how to handle life better. Those moments of deep reflection have impact because of consistency over time.

grl with horse Deeper Impact
AGC2017 photo 2 girl with horse

Wider Reach

The changes made in those healing moments between girl, horse and therapist extend beyond just helping one girl. Her influence pans outward as she takes a stable, productive place in her community and becomes a mother herself later on. So gifts to CORRAL not only pan outward into the community but also translate forward into the next generation!

Unlimited Possibilities

We have always taken the stance there are no limits for our girls. They have potential to be whoever God intended them to be, and to pursue whatever goals they have in life! Whether in work, community service, higher learning or their personal lives, our continuing goal is to show them how worthy, capable and beautiful they are. Your gift to CORRAL has limitless impact because it allows us to continue the work of showing our girls that they can go anywhere in life!

AGC2017 photo 3 girl with horse
CORRAL Riding Academy